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    Address: Xiangzhou Industrial Park, Zhucheng City, Shandong Province, China

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    Detailed description of small electric heating sterilizer

    Source: Time:2017-11-09 07:57:57 frequency:

        The small sterilizer has short sterilization time, thorough sterilization, avoiding the dead angle of sterilization, and short cooling time. It only takes about 35 minutes from 100 ℃ to normal temperature, greatly improving the sterilization efficiency and production efficiency, and easily realizing the sterilization of the sterilization pot every day. Now let's explain the small sterilizer in detail:

    The size of the equipment can be made according to the needs of customers.

    Product name

    Edible fungi sterilizer

    Texture of material



    One station

    Inner diameter


    Effective length of can body


    Sheet thickness


    Door opening mode

    Quick opening

    Design temperature


    Design pressure


    technical requirement

    1、The top of the sterilizer is equipped with pressure supplement, pressure relief, exhaust, safety valve, pressure gauge nozzle. In order to effectively save energy, the sterilizer is equipped with a thermal insulation layer (filled with high-temperature cotton, with a thickness of about 30mm).

    2The door opening mode is: manual quick opening design, with safety interlock device, which can not only meet the needs of rapid production, but also ensure the personal safety of operators.

    3、The sterilization temperature, pressure and time of the equipment can be set freely, and for automatic control, labor is saved and misoperation of workers is reduced.

    Pot door
    Safety chain

    The sterilizer door is designed and installed with safety interlock function to  prevent the opening of the boiler door during the use of the equipment and avoid the injury of hot gas in the boiler. Only when the air pressure in the boiler is completely drained and the safety interlock device is opened, can the boiler door be opened safely. When the boiler door is not closed safely, the sterilizer cannot be pressurized, thus ensuring the safety of the equipment.


    Safety performance

    Shandong Sensitar Machinery Manufacturing Co.,LTD is a major manufacturer of pressure vessels designated by the state, with the certificate number of ts2237474-2016. The equipment is completely manufactured in accordance with the National Pressure Vessel Standard gb150-2011. Each equipment must be inspected and qualified by the Secondary Technical Supervision Bureau of Zhucheng city and Weifang City before leaving the factory. If the equipment is not manufactured in accordance with the national pressure vessel standard, we have problems The company shall take full responsibility.

    After-sale service

    The equipment is guaranteed for one year and maintained for life. After sales service hotline: 0536-6053925, ready to solve problems for customers at any time.

    Relevant procedures

    Provide the safety performance supervision and inspection certificate of pressure vessel issued by Shandong special equipment inspection and Research Institute of State Bureau of technical supervision. Product quality inspection certificate, product completion drawing, list of main welding materials and place of origin, inspection report of appearance and geometric dimension of autoclave, X-ray inspection and flaw detection report of welds, safety performance report of hydrostatic test, identification certificate of quick opening safety interlock device, quick opening safety interlock certificate, commissioning record of quick opening safety interlock device.

    Appearance requirement

    In line with the humanized design requirements, each detail has been strictly processed to make the appearance of the equipment more beautiful and generous.


    Listen to the opinions of customers modestly, make every detail put forward by customers more perfect, more detailed and more humanized, stand in the perspective of customers, and welcome every customer to put forward valuable opinions.

          Shandong Sensitar Machinery Manufacturing Co.,LTD the main products are: various types of sterilization pot, square sterilization pot, round sterilization pot, square sterilization device, round sterilization device, various types of fryer, etc. 20 series, more than 100 specifications. It is widely used in various food sterilization, mushroom sterilization, chemical and pharmaceutical production, etc. In recent years, the company has successfully designed and produced the vacuum high pressure steam sterilizer of edible fungus with the world's advanced technology and technology, which has the characteristics of thorough sterilization, energy saving, simple operation and high working efficiency, especially in the aspect of automatic control, it has reached the world's advanced level.

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    Mobile phone:+86 18766363705

    Telephone: +86 536 6053990

    Fax:+ 86 536 6053915


    Address: Xiangzhou Industrial Park, Zhucheng City, Shandong Province, China

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